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What is Local Lead Coach (LLC)?

To answer this question, we need you to first ask yourself a few questions:


  • What’s the value of your time?
  • What’s the value of a customer?
  • What’s the value of a good email?
  • What’s the value of a few extra hours a week with your family?
  • What’s your existing local insurance marketing plan to keep your customer and get new ones? Do you have one?   

 Now that we have you thinking time and money…….LLC is:

Automatic (We do it for you) Lead Generation by:

 Having A Simple Customized Plan:


 Attract interest with media tools you probably already use separately.

 Use Email to put your face and personality in their homes and offices on a regular basis.

 Receive calls when they need insurance because you are “known and trusted”.

"Outsourcing" makes it an Automatic System:

“We” use our tested local lead generating insurance marketing plan.

“You” help us customize it to your individual local likes and needs.

“We” monitor and operate it on daily / monthly basis with an LLC Virtual Assistant (VA).


A simple system that will help you retain more existing clients and get more new ones …..

PLUS ….frees up some of your time so that you can focus on the income generating activities in your business.


No matter if you are a larger agency with a team of several agents or a smaller agency or a solo agent, you need to keep the customers you have and get new customers that will call you when they need insurance. The problem is that learning how to use today’s tools and technology in harmony, while creating and maintaining a local plan, is just pain OVERLOAD. Many agents try on their own and in a short period of time, give up…overwhelmed and discouraged. Hiring people to do it for you remains cost prohibitive. Buying leads continues to be a "crap shoot" and waste of $money. So there’s the PROBLEM.


 WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION!      Insurance Leads Outsourcing using Local Lead Coach (LLC)


We know Outsourcing works… there are many clients who have found success thanks to being able to outsource a variety of marketing tasks and following a comprehensive plan.


Your Investment is going to be TIME & MONEY…

 Your investment is going to be time, money, a certain amount of creativity, patience and possibly learning new   leadership and delegation skills:


Your reward will be:

  • more time
  • more sales thus more money
  • less stress
  • better lifestyle

 How to Achieve a Positive Insurance Leads Outsourcing Experience with LLC

 There are many ways to achieving a positive outsourcing experience; however, there are 3 basic rules:

  Rule #1: Insurance Leads Outsourcing strategies you know will generate results!

 This might seem obvious, but clients/people attempt to outsource strategies that are not proven.  Believing in your 
  past strategies, learning new proven one, and then outsourcing the parts you can, generally lead to better results.

 Rule #2: Think long term - have a 3-6-12 month plan.

 Dont invest in something so important based solely on a 1-month trial mentality. You need to have a 3-6-12 month game plan.
 You may not see your best results in 1 month. Think about fine tuning your customer plan over several months.

 Rule #3: Be prepared to educate your VA about your local market & goals for your business.

 Dont invest in something so important and sit back and expect miracles; your investment in educating your VA in your local systems and strategies will result in better results.

Be realistic with your expectations. Give your selected local marketing strategies time to work. Give your VA time to learn your best strategies. Work with your VA, invest time in them. Be open to adjusting to using all the current marketing tools and techniques available to you. Maybe in different ways than you use them now. Remember, results are what's important.


What You Should Outsource to LLC

So what should you outsource to enjoy a positive outsourcing experience? Well that’s going to depend on your individual business, however, as a general rule of thumb:


  • Outsource marketing tasks so that you have more time to talk to your existing customers and sell to new customers that want your services. Cold calling is DEAD!
  • Outsource tasks to better market your business and generate more leads.


  • Outsource tasks to better convert leads to customers, thus more money.


  • Outsource tasks so that you have more time for yourself and to spend with others.


 Create a Plan to Outsource to LLC

Start by understanding our proven local marketing plan and customizing it with the special needs of your local market.

PHASE 1: We combine our plan and your local needs & desires to give you a custom local marketing plan.

 PHASE 2: Outsourcing your marketing tasks (the week-to-week/monthly tasks).

 If your strategy is sound, there is no reason why you will not benefit from a positive Outsourcing experience.

 EXAMPLE PLAN: the following is an example step-by-step plan:

BLACK: Recommend you hire a specialist

 BLUE: Local Lead Coach can do

 PHASE 1 – The Setup

 * Overall Concept for your business website (client) / Evaluate and recommend changes

  * Submit a local insurance marketing plan for your local area based on the information you give us.

  * Select current marketing tools for keeping your existing customer and getting new prospects into your local market sales
 funnel (working email list).

 * Keyword Research (Local SEO). Understand that the Yellowpages are OLD News! People Google everything.

 * If you have no website: URL selection (SEO) (Godaddy, MyDomain, etc) ; Setup hosting; Setup WP Website / Blog Template; Select images (a professional website design firm may be necessary)

 * Select current marketing tools for getting the best results in your local market (YouTube, Social Media, Paid Online Marketing Campaigns and Offline tools.

  * Get EMS System: (Email Management System) for Auto responder (Aweber, iContact, Constant Contact) Advanced:
  Affiliate Systems, Shopping Carts, etc.
  * Create giveaway for opt in's / search for PLR product (need access to PLR resource)
  * Write 30-90 days email marketing series (auto responders)
  * Load emails into Auto Responders

  * Manage Set Up Social Media Framework: Actual setup FB, Fan Page, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Articles, etc as local market requires

* Contact new customers generated from local marketing plan

 PHASE 2: Week-to-Week/Monthly Tasks

  * Off-Page Content Creation 1 : Articles, Blogs, Videos (client shoots videos)

  * Off-Page Content Creation 2 : VA can draft Tweets, Status Updates (client to edit)

  * Content publication & link building (posting) (based on client/specialist strategy)
  * Social Bookmarking (Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc)
  * Prospecting: Managing new prospect attraction tools into sales funnel

  * Inbound Customer Support Review Google Analytics & Present Summary (as per client's request)

  * Monthly Keyword Optimization

  * Datamine Craig's List, Linkedin, etc (client strategy)

* Follow-up on networking new and existing clients via personal contact by YOU...who they are beginning to "know and trust".

  * H
elp you get onto radio/TV as a guest (client must have successfully been on 3 media appearance to show other media
utlet and provide VA a strategy)


 Detailed Examples of How LLC will implement our plan for Insurance

 Leads Outsourcing and get more new leads.

 We have listed some examples of how our clients have used LLC.

 Connecting With New  Contacts

 Entrepreneurs invest a lot of time networking; however, their follow-up systems are not as robust. A VA can help simplify and optimize your follow up system. Don’t leave your follow-up to you. Train a VA to follow up for you.


  • VA can enter business card data into database
  • Ask to connect via FB, LI, TW, Skype, etc.
  • Send a welcome email or video

Facebook Groups/Fan Pages


  • Search for active FB groups/Fan Pages that include possible clients
  • Post useful information
  • Invite people to join your FB Groups and Fan Pages
  • Send a greeting to new Group Members
  • Mass email group members
  • Assist with Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter and other.
  • Accept invites from new connections, responding to requests for more information.
  • Research JV partners, potential clients etc.
  • Ask new contacts to be friends and contacts for all platforms.
  • Post status updates per your instructions.
  • Help with event set up.

 Mining Linkedin


  • Add yourself to open networkers
  • VA can market yourself to open networkers on inviting them
  • VA can market yourself to open networkers on accepting them
  • Post new discussions
  • Respond to discussions
  • Mine group members
  • Conduct searches
  • Send in-mails
  • Manage Linkedin email

 Helping You Get Onto Radio as a Guest

 VA can send out your digital media kit

  • VA can follow up with Radio/TV station
  • VA can schedule appointment (via Google Calendar)
  • Manage your radio talk show calendar

 Social Publishing (Social Proof) / Offpage SEO

 Reasons Why: Social Proof, Backlinks, Traffic


  • Status Updates: VA Can Research, draft and post (after editing by you)
  • Videos (You Tube Channel)
  • Tweets: VA Can Research, draft and post (after editing by you)
  • Articles (written by writers)
  • Bookmarking
  • Back Linking


VA can utilize posting tools such as: Ping.fm, SoKule, Hootsuite

 Social Media Publishing: Videos


  • Convert articles into videos (using article to video software)
  • Use animation to create videos
  • Video Marketing using Traffic Geyser or similar
  • Add titles, descriptions, tags,
  • Strip audio from videos, convert to podcasts and articles.
  • Post video to blogs
  • Post link to FB, LI, TW
  • Social bookmark your video
  • Search for competitor videos


 Social Media Publishing: Articles


  • Research competitor articles
  • Research and draft article ideas
  • Search for videos
  • Transcribe videos into articles
  • Spin articles (not as effective since Google Panda)
  • Post Articles
  • Social Bookmark Articles
  • Post to blog
  • Create Squidoo, Hubpages, Tumblr pages

 Online Branding and Reputation Management

How people see or perceive you can make the difference between them wanting to do business with you or not. Investing in LLC for 3-6 months to manage your personal online brand can make a big difference in your business.


  • Facebook Personal Page (daily posting, fun stuff)
  • Facebook Fan Page (get up to 1000 fans)
  • Blog (Personal Blog, posting articles to your personal blog on your topic)
  • Tweets (setting up Twitter, adding new friends, growing followers)
  • Linkedin (profile is updated)
  • Posting Articles & Videos (expert building)


 Outsourcing Craiglist Tasks

  • VA can use Search Tempest to search for service opportunities
  • VA can send messages to those seeking a service you provide
  • VA can post adds to Craigslist


 Turning Business Cards into Prospects into Clients


When you return from a networking event, are you following up? Use Your VA to turn a business card lead into a customer and/or referral source, using the following step-by-step guide:


  1. During the event or upon return back to your office scan the business cards.
  2. Send the data to your VA who enters everyone into a database.
  3. Your VA can send a welcome email that invites the lead to take a short online interview (filter).
  4. Your VA can send them an ongoing email sequence series.
  5. Your VA can email invite them to a FREE teleseminar / webinar.



 Helping With Customer/Client Database


How much is an email worth to you? Every email is worth $to you. Keeping your data updated is important for Internet marketing. There are a variety of tasks your VA can do to help you keep you keep you data updated and accurate.


  • Enter persons details into database
  • Coach can manage database accuracy


 Live/Online Event Support (if applicable)


What is an event attendee worth to you? $100, $1,000, $10,000 ? Your VA can help you promote your live / virtual events; just 1 extra person attending your event can help you create an Outsourcing ROI.


  • Contact local business owners by email
  • Post event to Craigslist and other online info boards
  • Create Facebook events


As you can see, having a real local lead generating marketing plan, using Local Lead Coach (thru Insurance Leads Outsourcing) will help you be “THE” Insurance Agent/Producer in your local market. Understand that using today’s marketing tools, in harmony, will allow you to enter a prospects home or office repeatedly and automatically. You will become “known and trusted” to them.
It's not a question of if they call....just when.



We know its costing you time and money by NOT outsourcing; you can change that today, by using Local Lead Coach.



Remember, Local Market Domination is as EASY as going to www.localleadcoach.com or asking for more information about Insurance Leads Outsoucing
info@localleadcoach.com or Calling 800-295-9790 

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